Our Story



Stig was founded in 1997 in North Devon by Adrian Bryant.

Graphic designer, surfer and environmentalist, his vision was to create a brand that blended iconic design, his love of surfing and protecting the environment. 

He developed his own contemporary graphic style, which became iconic of Stig designs, inspired by palaeolithic cave art. For him, paleolithic art reflected a respect for, and appreciation of, the environment he felt when surfing so it was the perfect match for his surf-inspired designs. 

Stig went to Glastonbury festival, surf competitions at Fistral beach and the Kings Road, Chelsea, selling hand-printed organic cotton and hemp clothing.  It was heralded a “leading ethical company” by the press, featuring in Time Out and The Ethical Consumer. 

Today Stig is a family collaboration and we continue to prioritise the fusion of great design and environmental respect.


Delivering iconic Stig designs and lifestyle in an ethical way remains the driving force behind the brand.

Our Values


Respect for the environment is at our core. Stig designs celebrate an outdoor lifestyle and our pieces are designed to have as little impact on our planet as possible. 


We believe that collaboration not competition is the future of fashion. We collaborate with companies that supply independently certified products to ensure they meet our all our values.


Being a responsible business is the future of business. We base all our decisions on how they will effect both people and planet. Our pieces are certified fair-wear, ensuring workers are paid a fair wage.


Fashion is an identity. Stig  envisions a future in which young people are empowered to make a difference.